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SWFC’s brand image makes it a prime location and platform for promotional events and high impact advertising. With the use of the multimedia promotion, SWFC is possible to create maximum exposure for products and services to targeted audiences.
Visual Equipments
  • Video Equipment Multimedia equipments can effectively characterize, promote and advertise products.

    For example, LCD and PDP screens in the elevator hall, elevator cab and lobby area; the mega-LED screen on the building facade.
  • Video Monitor Office Area: entrance hall, elevator cab and etc.

    Retail Area: public area,smoking room and etc.
  • Outdoor mega-LED The mega-LED, located in the sunken garden, alongside the Century Avenue and Dongtai road, will produce the strong visual effects and dynamic attractions to the customers.
Non-visual Equipments
  • Various Platforms Locations to display printed advertisement are strategically positioned around the entire facility. The use of this media network can effectively reach the maximum number of people visiting SWFC by exposing them to brand information.

    For example, sheet-films, poster size billboards around event areas, advertisements such as banners, light-boxes along the shopping area walkways.
  • Outdoor Decoration Upper wall above retail entrance, banners in sunken garden, surface of waterfall at sunken garden.
  • Banners and light boxes Sheet-films, poster size billboards around event areas; banners, light-boxes along the shopping area walkways.