To use any media images,video,information,or other resources related to the Shanghai World Financial Center or its specific facilities,please contact the Town Management Media Relations of Mori Building China (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. or PR representatives of its specific facilities in advance.
Image Resources
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    • PHS_6
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    • PHS_4
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    • PHS_1
Video Resources
  • Time: 03′05″
  • Time: 07′47″
  • Time: 05′02″
Usage Permission Prior to making use of the above image or video resources, please first print out and complete the image Use Authorization Request below, and then forward to the Shanghai World Financial Center Media Relations Office for approval.
Contact To use any other photographs or resources or to obtain additional materials, please submit an inquiry at one of the following contact points.
  • Shanghai World Financial Center Project
  • SWFC Observatory
  • Park Hyatt Shanghai